25 Soal The Definite Article dan Indefinite Article

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25 Soal The Definite Article dan Indefinite Article – Setelah membaca 2 artikel mengenai definite dan indefinite article, sekarang waktunya untuk berlatih agar menjadi lebih paham! Berikut ini kami berikan 25 soal the definite article dan indefinite article terlengkap. Jika anda belum membaca materinya, berikut ini kami berikan link nya agar menjadi lebih jelas, silahkan klik link berikut ini:

  1. Definite Article
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25 Soal The Definite Article dan Indefinite Article

25 Soal The Definite Article dan Indefinite Article

Choose and put ‘a’, ‘an’, or ‘the’ to the following sentences!


I have _____ pen and _____ pencil. _____ pen is red and _____ pencil is black

I have __a__ pen and __a__ pencil.  _The_ ­­­ pen is red and  _the­­­_ pencil is black

  1. It is pleasant to read _____ magazine in _____ afternoon.
  2. Look at _____ blackboard, please!
  3. Can you sister play _____ guitar?
  4. My younger brother is in _____ first grade of junior high school.
  5. She has _____ rain-coat and _____ umbrella.
  6. She has _____ new school bag. _____bag is on the table
  7. He goes to school in _____ morning and takes _____ English course in _____ afternoon.
  8. He tells us _____ story. _____ story is very interesting.
  9. Give me _____ spoon and _____ fork.
  10. Bill is _____ clever student. He is _____ cleverest among his friend.
  11. _____ man in Batik is my English teacher. He is _____ good teacher.
  12. There is _____ old lady in _____ waiting room.
  13. _____ sky is very dark when _____ moon does not appear.
  14. It is _____ most interesting book I have.
  15. I like _____ dress that you are wearing.
  16. _____ earth revolves around _____ sun.
  17. _____ Missisipi River is _____ longest river in _____ world.
  18. Do you know _____ man who shot _____ old woman?
  19. _____ bird is flying high in _____ sky.
  20. Hasan buys _____ toothbrush and _____ comb.
  21. _____ birds can fly in _____ sky.
  22. I like _____ house in _____ country.
  23. Take _____ umbrella with you to _____ coffee, it may rain.
  24. There is _____ new car in front of the office. _____ car belongs to my friend, bro!
  25. I see _____ man and _____ woman in front of _____ bank. _____ man brings _____ big suitcase and _____ woman has _____ very small hand-bag.

Demikianlah 25 soal the definite article dan indefinite article yang terfavorite! ^_^ Semoga nilainya perfect ya!! 100!!! Selamat mengerjakan ^_^

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  1. Pertanyaan Tolong Di Jawab Yh?
    1.I Buy…Sport Magazines
    2.He Saw…Book On My Desk
    3.My Mother Give Me…Apple To Night
    4.I Give Him…Watter
    5.There Is…Teacher In My Class

    Tolong Di Jawab Yh Yg Titik Titik Itu
    Yg Baik Jawab Soal Pertanyaan Dari Nty,SoalNya Bsk Di Kumpulin?

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