English Conversation Between Two People in Buying Gift

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Belajar Dasar Bahasa Inggris – English Conversation Between Two People in Buying Gift – Apakah anda pernah membelikan hadiah untuk seseorang yang anda cintai? Tentu saja memilih dan membelikan hadiah membutuhkan perjuangan extra, terutama perjuangan untuk menentukan hadiah mana yang paling cocok dan tepat. Seperti pada contoh ini, yaitu terdapat dua orang sahabat yang sedang menentukan hadiah apa yang akan mereka berikan kepada orang yang mereka cintai.

English Conversation Between Two People in Buying Gift

Gunadi: Mat, I do really need your help. My girl friend will have a birthday next week. I haven’t known what kind of gift that I want to give for my love. Do you have an idea for that?

Rahmat: Woww! Of course, I will help you Gun. First, may I know what is your girl friends’ hobby and favorite things?

Gunadi: Well, my girl friend’s hobby is singing, she loves Cristina Perry. Her favorite colors are white and pink, her favorite things are shoes and bag. I still confused what the gift that I want to give. Do you know what exactly gift I have to give?

Rahmat: I think… Hm…m I suggest that you have to give a new album of Cristina Perry. But, it should be an original one!

Gunadi: Mat, I had given it last year. Do you have any other suggestions?

Rahmat: How about a new album of Addele? Or maybe a T-shirt which has the picture of her favorite singer?

Gunadi: Great! That is an amazing idea. Thanks my bro!

Rahmat: No problem. And don’t forget to give her cake too, I think every single women loves a cake and also a flower. You’ll be looked romantic in front of her.

Gunadi: Wow!! What a helpful suggestion bro. Thank you very much for that my best friend.

Rahmat: It’s okay. Okay, good luck brother!!


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