Contoh Dialog Percakapan Dalam Bahasa Inggris di Facebook

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Belajar Dasar Bahasa Inggris – Contoh Dialog Percakapan Dalam Bahasa Inggris di Facebook – Facebook adalah merupakan salah satu media sosial kepunyaan Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. Dengan menggunakan media sosial ini, kita akan mendapatkan banyak sekali kegunaan dan juga manfaat positifnya lho. Gak percaya? Pernahkah anda mencoba untuk melakukan percakapan/chat dengan teman yang lama tak jumpa ataupun dengan teman yang berada cukup jauh dengan anda? Berikut ini kami berikan contoh dua sahabat yang sedang melakukan percakapan dalam bahasa Inggris dengan menggunakan fasilitas facebook chat:

Contoh Dialog Percakapan Dalam Bahasa Inggris di Facebook

Wendy: Hey Denni, how are you today?

Denni: I am fine bro. How about you Wend?

Wendy: Not bad. By the way, I saw you in West Lampung last week. I want to meet you, but I worried that man wasn’t you. Did you go there last week?

Denni: Yes, I went to Puncak with my family. I didn’t see you bro, why don’t you talk to me there?

Wendy: I’m not sure that it was you. Oh ya, I wanna ask something about the result of our CPNS test. Have you seen the result of the test?

Denni: Where did you join the test Wendy?  Actually, I haven’t known the result too. But Andy said that we can check the result in or

Wendy: I joined the test at South Lampung and I saw you before we enter to the test room. By the way where do you stay Denni?

Denni: I stay in Kalianda.  I look older now, maybe you saw the wrong man. I have 2 children now.

Wendy: That’s great. Maybe I have to see you soon.

Denni: Sure, why not. Hey, what kind of position do you take in PNS recruitment?

Wendy: I take a teacher position in South Lampung recruitment, English teacher. How about you Denni?

Denni: I take the teacher position too. But, I take a math teacher. I hope we can pass the test.

Wendy: I also hope the same. May I have your blackberry pin or maybe your numbers? I will make inform you if I know the test result.

Denni: Okay bro. This is my phone number 0-8-1-3-7-9-7-7-7-8-8-8 and my BB is d3nn1c0y.

Wendy: Thank you Denni. So what do you do now?

Denni: I am working at Sendiri Bank in Bandar Lampung as the Teller. Do you still remember the last time we met Wend?

Wendy: I remember that you were the best student. I guess there were some photos in that moment. Do you have those photos Denni?

Denni: Oh yap, I will send those photos for you after taking a bath. Thank you for the nice chatting bro. See ya…!

Wendy: Okay, I’m waiting the photos bro. See you!


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