Contoh Soal Reported Speech Essay Beserta Jawabannya

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Contoh Soal Reported Speech Essay Beserta Jawabannya – Berikut ini kami hadirkan beberapa contoh soal tentang direct and indirect speech untuk sahabat BDBI semua. Contoh soal kali ini akan kami lengkapi juga beserta jawabannya. Jadi, langsung saja kita simak bersama-sama! Let’s check it out!

Contoh Soal Reported Speech

A. Please change these following sentences into indirect speech!

  1. Siti Fatimah said: “I have not finished my research proposal yet.”
  2. Aminah says to Aisyah, “Syah, I will go to your house after I finish my work.”
  3. Jatmiko said,”Where is my tie? I put it here yesterday.”
  4. Sintawati said to Mother: “I want to buy new dress so that my friends look me beautifully on my birthday party.”
  5. Peter said to Father: “Can you help me to study this lesson? I will do the test tomorrow .”
  6. Peter said, “I was watching TV when Ani called me”.
  7. Wati said to Shinta, “My computer is broken by my brother. I must repair it”.
  8. Wati said to Ann, ”Do you know the man who stands there?”
  9. Mother said to her son, ”Have you finished your research proposal?”
  10. Teacher said to the students, “Do this exercises!”

B. Please change these following sentences into direct speech!

  1. Alit Fernando said that I hadn’t to forget what he had told me.
  2. Andrean asked me where I had gone four days before.
  3. Anton Arisandi asked me whether I could come along.
  4. Ardian said to the children that they had to do that theirselves.
  5. Rahmawati said that the question would be answered by her.
  6. She asked me how many pieces of bread I could eat.
  7. She said to him why he had stopped there the previous week.
  8. Susi Susanti said that she did her homework by herself.
  9. The headmaster told to me not to come there.
  10. Tika suggested having lunch in that restaurant.

Jawaban Contoh Soal Reported Speech

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  1. Siti Fatimah said that she had not finished her research proposal yet.
  2. Aminah says to Aisyah that she will go to her house after she finishes her work.
  3. Jatmiko asked where his tie was. He had put it there then the previous day.
  4. Sintawati said to Mother that she wanted to buy new dress so that her friends looked her beautifully on her birthday party.
  5. Peter asked to Father if he could help him to study that lesson. He would do the test the following day.
  6. Peter said that he had been watching TV when Ani had called him.
  7. Wati said to Shinta that her computer was broken by her brother. She had to repair it.
  8. Wati asked to Ann if she knew the man who stood there.
  9. Mother asked to her son if he had finished his research proposal.
  10. Teacher told to the students to do that exercises.


  1. Alit Fernando said, “You mustn’t forget what I told you.”
  2. “Where did you go four days ago?” Andrean
  3. Anton Arisandi asked me, “Can you come along?”
  4. Ardian said to the children, “We must do this ourselves.”
  5. Rahmawati said, “The question will be answered by me.”
  6. “How many pieces of bread can you eat?” She said.
  7. She said to him, “Why did you stop here lastweek?”
  8. Susi Susanti said, “I do my homework by myself.”
  9. The headmaster said to me, “Don’t come here.”
  10. Tika said, “Let’s have lunch in this restaurant.”


Demikianlah beberapa contoh soal reported speech essay beserta jawabannya yang dapat kami hadirkan pada kesempatan kali ini. Semoga bermanfaat ya dan Terima kasih. 😀

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