Contoh Cerita Fiksi Bahasa Inggris Singkat Terbaru

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Contoh Cerita Fiksi Bahasa Inggris Singkat Terbaru – Hallo gays, ketemu lagi dengan ane, kali ini ane akan kasi kalian cerita siapa tau kalian butuh referensi buat cerita ato ada tugas membuat cerita, tetapi jangan lupa ya di cantumin nama ane Dian Pramono nya wkwkw biar eksis gays, yaps cerita hari ini bertema kan*fiksi *fantasi, tentunya buatan ane sendiri tanpa plagiat kayak si itu itu wkwkkww, ibarat ane kan gamer ni, maen game geh nge cheat mana seru gays, gak ada tantangan nya wkwkwkw. Wes dari pada panjang lebar yuk capcus langsung aja. Let’s go gays, cekidot!!!

Contoh Cerita Fiksi Bahasa Inggris Singkat Terbaru

Contoh Cerita Fiksi Bahasa Inggris Singkat Terbaru

The Legend of Nameless Regiment

Once upon a time, there lived two handsome men in a small village. They were Dean and Rahal, they were not blood-related but they were so close like brothers.

One day, there was a tyrant king who came to the village. The king shouted “ attention! All of you sc*m! Where is your chieftain, barbarians! Bring him to me quick or i will raze this village to the ground !!. the chieftain was Rahal’s father, his name was Reiner.

The chieftain said politely “ yes, your highness, i am the chief of this village.. “. The king replied “ where is the tribute, i never accept, gold, fur or rice lately! I am guardian of this village, you that is your obligation to pay the tribute”.

At the time was warring-period, where was a civil war occured. Later the chieftain, Reiner said “ i am so sorry your highness, we can’t pay yet, please give us some time to gather it, please.. “. The king replied “ alright then, i will give you some time… *evil grin*“, the chieftain replied gloriously “ how generous of you ,my king. Thank you very much, really i am so happy !”.

Later the king leave the village and ordered his men to burn the village and kill the villager. The sound of villager in anguish heard throughout the village from afar. the king laughed. All of the villager were death, only Dean and Rahal survived. Rahal lost his father, he almost killed,because he want to revenge his father, but Dean stop him to avenge his father’s death.

Because Dean know Rahal’s capabilities, he would be killed. So Dean hit Rahal’s stomach and put him to unconscious, Dean carried Rahal on his back while running. They was run to the valley while the king’s men still pursued them.

Lucky, it was twilight so it would make the king’s men hard to find them. Finally Dean reached his limit, he was exhausted. He stop for awhile under big tree near river, he put down Rahal to the ground, then he woke Rahal up “Rahal, wake up! Please, we are in hurry Rahal, the king’s men still searching for us!

Then he slapped Rahal till he woke up. “ where i am? Dean, what are you doing?? Wait !! FATHERRR!! I WANT TO.. “ Rahal’s Shouted, quckly Dean shut Rahal’s mouth with his both hands. “are you crazy Rah?!!we are in pursuit you know” said Dean with caution. Then he punched him…

To Be Continued…

Wohoho..!! serius bener gays, sudah di pengunjung cerita nih, loh loh kok abis, tenang aja gays masih bersambung kok ini hehe, ayuk di komen, siapa saja yang komen mendukung nanti akan di jadikan karakter di cerita ini nama nya.

Demikian lah contoh cerita fiksi bahasa inggris singkat part 1 nya gays, kita lanjut di part 2 nya setelah artikel ini ya. 😀 Thanks for reading my own story, it’s just my side hobby, maybe my grammar is amburadul wkwkkw, selamat belajar keep learning, and terus berkarya ya gays! See ya di part 2! 😀

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