Contoh Cerita Fiksi dalam Bahasa Inggris Singkat Terbaru (PART II)

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Contoh Cerita Fiksi dalam Bahasa Inggris Singkat Terbaru (PART II) – Hello gays ketemu lagi dengan ane, pasti lagi nunggu nunggu nih bagian ke dua dari cerita PART I kemarin kan? 😀 Wew pede sekale ane yak, di tunggu tunggu seperti derama koreak aje ato indiak wkwkwk.

Well, ada yang masih ingat dengan cerita kemarin? Yuk kita review sebentar…

Cerita dimulai ketika desa nya si Dean dan Rahal di bakar oleh raja lalim karena tidak membayar upeti tahunan, bapak nya Rahal tewas dalam pembakaran itu, Rahal ingin menuntut balas tetapi di halangi oleh Dean, mereka kabur ke lembah dan di kejar oleh anak buah nya si raja lalim.

Okelah langsung aja yuk, gear secondo, eh salah itu mah punya si topi keremi wkwkw, langsung aja yuk, part Second!!! Let’s go gays, cekidot!

Contoh Cerita Fiksi dalam Bahasa Inggris Singkat Terbaru

Contoh Cerita Fiksi dalam Bahasa Inggris Singkat Terbaru

The Legend of Nameless Regiment (Part II)

…“Are you crazy Rah?!! We are in pursuit you know” said Dean with caution. Then he punch him “ I know you are losing your parent, and you want to avenge them, but don’t let me lossing you too my friend, you are lossing them, then so do I, just please understand the situasion we are in!!”.

After Dean convey his feeling about the situation, Rahal understood. Later they continued their journey to find settlement, hoped that they would get some foods and a place of rest. Under light of the moon, they walked between the wood and the river.

But, the king’s men still searched for them, they divided into two groups, one group searched in the river, the rest in the forest. Dean saw many torches in afar, then he noticed that the torch was sign of danger, he told Rahal to speed up his steps, Rahal agreed.

But, in the deep of Rahal’s mind he wanted to kill all of the king’s men but he do not have the power right now. He got no choice but fled. Hour by hour, they walked aimlessly, hoped that they found a village.

The sound of owl, cricket, and flowing water accompany their journey to find a village. They cannot stop, because they were know the king’s men still pursued them. Finally they saw woody-wall from a distance.

Dean almost fainted, he was lossing his strength to walk, Rahal tried to cheer him up, but got no result. Dean fell down and unconscious, then Rahal carried Dean on his back. After several steps, Rahal saw the entrace.

The entrance still afar, but he still saw two torches on both side in the entrace. At the entrance they met the village guardian.

The guardian hold them, and ask several question for them. “What are you doing at this hour youngman? Are you lost or something, you look messy.” Asked the guardian.

“We are from neighboring village, our village’s destroyed by the tyrant king, we are only survivor, please protect us” replied Rahal.

After heard the answer, the guardian let them in and guide them to the chieftain. After arrived at the hall, Rahal talked about the tragedy, Rahal told to the chief that their village was destroyed, Raha asked for shelter for several days, and the chief agreed. But..

*To be continued…

Ea ea, yah bersambung lagi gays. Demikian lah contoh cerita fiksi dalam bahasa inggris singkat part 2 nya gays. Jangan berkecil hati yak, ane usahakan part berikut nya secepatnya. 😀 Sekian dan terimakasih untuk menyempatkan waktu untuk membaca cerita ane bagian kedua ini, thanks for your attention. Keep learning and bye-bye gays, see you on the 3rd…!

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